As 2019 closed wrapping up a year and a decade, some things remain the same.

I initiated many ventures including health related challenges, a 5k race with local business partners, The Charleston House (Blue Junky & Charleston wings), closing deals on houses, community service, the Wealth In Real Estate Seminar, the formation of CTW Foundation, the formation of WGW Publishing, Racehorses, my bike ride across America, my children’s books or novels, most recently Urban Development 2, The Poison Pill over the last decade. Each venture was important in its own right but those experiences created the basis from which this book is being written. Each experience taught me new lessons, many of which I have publicly shared. Although the lessons were from a wide variety of activities, they helped define my approach to real estate and community building. They will make their way, unsurprisingly, into a book. I think it would be negligent of me to have this information and not attempt to initiate change.

This book is the core of my work moving forward. It details a holistic approach to real estate investments and community building. As it stands, community building or community rebuilding has fallen into one of two categories, either government sponsored band-aids or gentrification financed by private investment. Both options manage to ignore the root of the problem, that there are multiple causes of poverty, including the realization that there is Gold in the Ghetto. It comes in the form of land and labor, both can be harnessed and controlled by the people who live there, given the right mindset and circumstances. When put into action, the process of wealth building, shrinking the racial wealth gap and leaving legacies can begin. As with most things, the failure to get to the root of the problem seldom solves anything. The community is left to suffer,¬†whether it’s in their current neighborhood or upon relocation after being priced out. In an effort to solve this problem, there needs to be collaboration between community stakeholders and a shift in the way we think. To do anything otherwise, will give us the same results we’ve been facing all along.

This book is the result of a long journey and has been a process to put together but I cannot wait to release it. I am excited about it’s reception and to see the changes we can make as a community.


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