FREE Food!

FREE Food!

It amazes me how we can have pockets of communities in which healthy foods are scarce in one of the wealthiest nations on Earth. These communities have become known as food deserts. Over time we have moved from a typical family being able to consume larger amounts of foods “close to the ground” (fresh produce) to consuming food that has possibly left the country and been returned and processed to the Nth degree before it ends up in our stomachs. Our lifestyles have created a thriving industry consisting of all sorts of fast food companies, which don’t always contribute to healthy lifestyles. We’ve grown from having a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker¬† (I kid, I kid. . .kind of) to having stores that sell everything from car tires to organic strawberries, in the same building.¬† I am not saying our lifestyles or the many conveniences are all bad. Everything requires balance!

Just as we have become conditioned to see everything growing in our grass as “weeds” (despite the medicinal, nutritional and practical value they often bring) and therefore undesirable, we have begun to forget that food grows out of soil. The food we can grow is healthy and more affordable. Free, even. More often than not, foods can be grown using seeds from the fruits, vegetables and herbs you already have. It would require work, but with a community effort, that could be shared to make the result worth it for everyone.

Look for a community garden in your neighborhood. If there isn’t one, get one started. At the very least, sow some seeds in your own space. Plant herbs in your kitchen, tomatoes or bell peppers on your porch or if you have even a small amount of space, plant a couple items in your front or back yard.

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