I’m Riding My Bike Across America!

I’m Riding My Bike Across America!

This will be quite a journey but I am ready for it! It will take me approximately 2 months to make the trip, stopping in 13 states along the way. I will leave LA on March 29th and arrive in NYC on May 27th. The goal is to help increase the amount of minorities entering professions which determine the way our communities are developed. Our lives are largely impacted by our environment. For example, a community with few resources for fresh foods, underfunded schools, or limited transportation is likely to have an increased number of unhealthy, under educated or impoverished residents, respectively. When these communities begin to deteriorate, oftentimes, developers will improve the community with necessities but at a cost too high for the current residents to reside. They’re forced to move, resulting in gentrification.

An effort to reduce this phenomenon is to increase the amount of minorities with the ability to make decisions regarding the development of some of these communities. They may view the situation through a different lens because they are more likely to recognize issues within these communities that could be solved in ways that don’t force people out and could improve their lives. In order to do that, they must work in industries minorities are traditionally underrepresented in such as civil engineering, urban renewal, urban economics, architecture, corporate law and tax law. My first wife, Courtney T. Williams, was studying for her LSAT to pursue a career in Business and Corporate Law when she died in 2002. Her dream was to create a law firm to help establish minority-owned companies and give corporate and civil support to them. In 2018, the CTW Foundation Inc. was formed to help carry out the purpose of her dream. At the conclusion of my bike ride, the CTW Foundation will provide a scholarship to a high school senior pursuing a degree in one of these fields.

I will also visit a Grand Lodge in each state I stop by, as I am a Freemason, and meet with youth participating in the Knights of Pythagoras program and discuss (with adults) the things they are doing to address these issues. I’ll use this information to see how we can work together to enhance our efforts.

During my ride, I will live stream my experience so viewers may experience the trip in real time. For more information regarding the scholarship or to make a donation toward the scholarship, visit www.ctwfoundationinc.com

There is also a Go Fund Me page to support the bike ride itself:  Bike America Coast to Coast 2019

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