Think It, Become It

Think It, Become It
Have you ever watched The Secret or read the book it’s based on, authored by Rhonda Byrne, of the same title? During the movie, a kid asks his father what was in a box he saw laying around. The father explained that it was his vision board. He opened the box and realized the house they were currently living in was the exact same house he put on his vision board years ago. He has spent his life working toward a goal and ended up with that house. If you think it, you become it.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a visual representation of your intentions. The idea is that if it is placed somewhere visible, your intentions will not get lost in the daily shuffle of life and you will have frequent reminders. This allows your intentions become a part of your daily life. Of course, it is on you to do the work required to bring your intentions to fruition. However, they are more likely to occur if they are on your mind on a regular basis as opposed to only the day on which you created the vision board. When you act and think about the things you wish to accomplish, you will find more situations that lead you to your vision. I created a huge vision board years ago. I attached many things I wanted to accomplish. At first I thought it would be like any piece of furniture that you don’t really pay attention to. Sometimes, I would see it and think about the things I wanted. It was a reminder of why I do the things I do.

If You Think It, You Become It

My vision board does not picture me riding my bike across the country with my mission next to it. It does picture bicycling, traveling around the world and my drive to improve my community. At the moment, I’m writing my book about my ride across America. During this process I realized that this book is a culmination of my life’s work. Every day I work towards improving human and social capital.
Transforming Lives World Wide (The TLW Group Inc.) is dedicated to improving the urban living experience through targeted investment strategies, creating  jobs that have livable wages and allow for upward economic mobility and establishing programs that educate people in real estate and real estate related fields.
TLW partnered with Dr. Wandah Gibbs to form WGW Publishing. Our publishing company gives a platform for our authors to share their stories of success from within our communities. Too often the narrative of our communities are written by those who live outside of them. Too often these stories are untrue, yet reverberate around the world. Our motto is “Urban, Inspired, Motivated”. It means that our authors share their stories of urban success to inspire others. It is our hope that our inspired readers are then motivated to also use their gifts improve our communities.

Current Community Efforts

The mission of #Bikeamericacoasttocoast2019 was to bring awareness to the disparities that exist in real estate and real estate related fields. It was also to bring attention to the widening income and education gaps and unite people on a national level.
These epidemics are a national problem and require a unified national approach to tackle them. Through communication, collaboration, organization and execution we can close these gaps and rewrite the narrative.
My soon to be released book about the bike ride (currently untitled) is a single reference point of all that I have been doing. Being on the ground and having conversations with people from communities across the country reinforces the idea that a comprehensive, holistic approach is the only way to tackle the multiple problems we are facing in our communities. In my bedroom I have a vision board I made over a decade ago. On it are words describing what I wanted the TLW Group to stand for and accomplish. After I began penning the book, I realized that I am actually doing all the things on my vision board.


I currently sit on the board of the Greater Rochester Black Business Association in Rochester NY and The Rochester Landlord Group. Both of these organizations were formed to improve the functioning and economic viability of those working and investing in our communities. The Vision of GRBBA:
Greater Rochester Black Business Alliance Inc. (GRBBA) advocates for the attraction, creation, stability, growth, sustainability, and general well being of Black businesses in the Greater Rochester area and acts as a catalyst to enhance the process of doing business with Black businesses. GRBBA also collaborates across a broad network of strategic partners to foster economic activity in the Black community.
The Vision of the Rochester Landlord Group:To maintain and operate a housing, economic, and community development agency utilizing a holistic approach in human development which includes housing, safety and education.Volunteering on these boards allows the TLW Group Inc. to leverage relationships in the areas that are vital to success. Housing and small businesses are key economic drivers in every community.
I saved the TLW Group Inc vision for last:
Improve the Urban Living Experience
What does that look like? Better schools, safer housing and neighborhoods, positive role models, local businesses, local agencies and walkable, close knit communities.
Go to for more information on our authors and speakers.

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